Zakiyah Candles was launched in January 2014 by Zakiyah Kelly. After watching her mother make scented candles, as well as bath and body products, throughout her childhood, she was immediately drawn to the beauty and science of candle making. She assisted her mother with tiny tasks but mostly observed the overall process of taking a few ingredients and turning them into something that scented their home beautifully.

When she and her husband began family planning, Zakiyah started to brainstorm business ideas that she would enjoy doing before and after becoming a mom. She loved having a home that smelled nice and was always curious to try out candle making, so she gave it a try.

It became her mission to create high-quality scented soy candles for affordable prices. She wants others to be able to enjoy the luxury of soy candles as they please.

Since opening, Zakiyah Candles has been stocked in shops in the US and Canada. It has also been featured in many places.

Zakiyah Candles - 100% Natural Soy Candles